Soho Series of Books

Introducing Kenny Gabriel…

Skip-tracer Kenny Gabriel’s Soho stamping ground is being developed to death. Peep shows and shebeens are turning into frozen yoghurt outlets and loft-style apartments by the week. Broke and clientless, it seems as though things can’t get much worse for Kenny. And then he is summoned to the office of media magnate, Frank Parr.

Kenny worked for Frank when he had a porn empire and owned the Galaxy Club in Frith Street. Back then he turned a blind eye to Frank’s business methods until he witnessed the brutal torture of a barman. Now he refuses to look for his ex-boss’s missing daughter – right up to the point that ten grand is laid on the boardroom table.

The search for Harry Parr results in Kenny being asphyxiated in Mayfair, arrested in Euston, and held at gunpoint in Shoreditch. Only when death seems certain does he realise the truth. He may be done with the past but the past isn’t done with him.

Get to know Kenny better….

Soho Dead and Soho Ghosts are published by Thomas & Mercer. They are available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle  and audiobook.